Office Buildings

Built in 2010 and used as the Industrial Zone Management and Administrator Board Office as an Integrated Service Office (PTSP)

Palm Oil Innovation Center Building

Built in 2012 and used as the Palm Oil research and development center to support the development of the Industry within the Zone

Primary Drainage Duct

Built in 2010 and used as the central duct of the Zone to prevent the flood

Concrete road infrastructure ROW-43 and ROW-28

Built in 2011 and already equipped with a drain, public lighting, and greenery

The main road of ROW-62

The main highway was built in 2015 and has been equipped with drainage duct and public lighting

Information Technology Network

In cooperation with PT. Telkom to provide fiber optic network for data and voice services completed in 2012 and already used for operations

Dry Port Tahap I

The capacity of container yard of 2160 was transformed as the Logistic Center in the Zone

CPO Storage Tank

CPKO storage tank with capacity of 5 x 5,000 tons and CPKO storage capacity of 2 x 3,000 tons

Fire Brigade Office & Installation Unit

Available: 1 (one) unit of fire trucks and hydrant in every Tenant location.


Railroad of 2,95km to the Perlanaan Station – PKS Gunung Bayu which was operational on 5 December 2016

Waste Transporter Unit

Available 2 (two) units of waste transportation truck to serve the tenants.