Kek Sei Mangkei’s Position Relative to Its External Surrounding

KEK Sei Mangkei also located near internationally famous tourist destinations, the Toba Lake. The distance from Sei Mangkei to Toba Lake is + 88 Km reached within +/- 1,5 jam.

Geographic Location:

KEK Sei Mangkei is located in Indonesia, precisely in Sumatera Island, North Sumatera Province, Simalungun District, Bosar Maligas Sub District. Geographically, Simalungun Sub District is located at the coordinate of ’02036 – 03018′ Lattitude and ’98032 – 99035′ Longitude.The topographic condition of Simalungun District is varied from highland to lowland and the height of between 20 – 1400 m above sea level.

The regional boundaries of Simalungun District:
• North: Serdang Bedagai and Deli Serdang District
• South: Toba Samosir District
• West: Karo District
• East: Asahan and Batubara District
• Middle: Pematang Siantar City
The regional boundaries of KEK Sei Mangkei: 
• North: Keramat Kuba Village, Sub District Bandar Perdagangan
• South: PTPN IV Kebun Mayang,
• East: PTPN IV Kebun Gunung Bayu
• West: Sungai Bah Bolon