Water Treatment Plant/WTP

The capacity of 250m3/hours Clean water is sourced from Bah Tongguran river as the branch of Bah Bolon river.

Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) capacity of 250 m3/jam

The quality of incoming waste in this integrated waste installation has the following parameters: BOD: 400 – 600 mg/l, COD: 600 – 800 mg/l, TSS:400 – 600 mg/l dan pH: 4 – 10


The electricity system is divided into three main parts, the central generator, transmission line, and distribution.
  • Electricity is sourced from PT PLN with the capacity of 150 kV 60 MVA.
  • Palm Biomass Power Generator (PLTBS) capacity 2 x 3,5 MW.
Eco-Friendly Palm Biomass Power Generator capacity 2 x 3,5 MW was built by PT Perkebunan Nusantara III using empty fruit bunch and shells of the palm tree.
Electrical Grid Installation
The electrical grid is centered in the Main Transformer and distributed to an integrated Connection Transformer.
Electrical Grid Installation Distribution
Electricity grid for the Industrial Tenant is delivered through medium voltage underground cable network of 20 KV


The availability of a Natural Gas Pipeline and Metering Station in the Sei Mangkei Special Economic Zone with a capacity of 75 MMSCFD that is ready to serve the needs of gas in the Sei Mangkei SEZ area.